1. Are your products suitable for newborns?

All of our products have been carefully formulated to be mild and gentle enough for delicate newborn skin. However we always recommend that before you use any product to patch test first. It's important to note that for the first 8-12 weeks babies do not require much to be applied to their skin. In those early months products should be used sparingly.

2. Can your products be used on children with eczema?

We have many babies and toddlers who suffer with eczema who use our products with absolutely no issue and find that our products soothe their sensitive skin. However there are many different triggers for eczema and you should always patch test first.

3. Can your Baby Bottom Balm be used with cloth nappies?

Yes! We have many mums who use our Nappy Balm with cloth nappies. It is recommended to use a hot wash (no higher than 60C) to remove the build up of Oil and Zinc Oxide. We also recommend using a biodegradable nappy liner.

4. Can your Baby Bath Wash be used in my baby's hair?

Yes our Baby Bath Wash can be used from head to toe and is formulated to be very mild for little eyes. However wherever possible you should always avoid contact with eyes.

5. Can your Baby Massage Oil be used on my pregnant baby bump?

Yes! Our Baby Massage Oil is suitable to be used on pregnant bellies and when used regularly may reduce the incidence of stretch marks. Applying our massage oil to your tummy post birth can also be very beneficial too to help keep your skin supple as it recovers. So treat yourself and baby to a massage!